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Disability Digital Resources: Film and Video

This page is currently under construction. It will contain links to both silent videos and videos with audio grouped by topic. Videos with sound have closed captioning available.

In the meantime, several videos may be browsed here.

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  • A Day in the Life of a DRES Student
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A Day in the Life of a DRES Student

Film 2, 1964
Film of a typical day in the life of Lynn Ostrander, a student of the Division of Rehabilitation Education Services, as she studies and eats in her dormitory, attends classes, rides Rehabilitation Center buses, swims, and navigates the University of Illinois campus. Black and white, silent. 9:26 running time.

Rehabilitation Education Center Services

Film 3
Film illustrating aspects of the Rehabilitation Education Center building and its programs, including the occupational therapy special services workshop, rehabilitation classes, buses, driver education, and a staff meeting. Black and white, silent. 10:33 running time.
Film 4, ca. 1960s
Film about Rehabilitation Education Center's services for the blind. Includes students reading braille books, listening to books on tape, using adaptive technology such as canes and braille typewriters, and taking a psychology test. Black and white, silent. 10:09 running time.

Basketball and Other Sports

Film 12: Wheelchair basketball game, 1960s
Male student athletes operating hand-pushed wheelchairs play basketball; female wheelchair-using cheerleaders lead the cheers. Games include Gizz Kids versus New Jersey Wheelers and Long Beach versus an unidentified team. Black and white, silent. 10:55 running time.
Film 54: Wheelchair basketball training drills, 1949
Male wheelchair basketball athletes running lay-up training drills.; Note the old-fashioned key on court; Black and white, no sound. 51 sec. running time.
Film 56: Wheelchair basketball, ca. 1960
Male wheelchair basketball athletes playing basketball. Gizz Kids versus Knights. Illinois athletes include Ed Owen, Joe Arcese, Rich Feltes, and Stan Labanowich. Black and white, no sound. 6:17 running time.
Film 57: Wheelchair field events and archery, 1960
Male athletes participating in field events such as javelin, shot put, and archery. Jack Whitman is pictured in archery scenes. Black and white, no sound. 1:51 running time.
Film 15: Wheelchair Basketball, 1960s
Male student athletes operating hand-pushed wheelchairs run basketball drills (e.g., cross-court-pass-and-return-pass drill, touch-pass drill, full-court-fast-break drill, pivot-break drill) and play basketball in Huff Gym. Filmed by U of I School of Journalism and Communications under direction of Tim Nugent. Black and white, no sound. 5:05 running time. A one-page detailed list explaining the particular drills is available in the manila envelope containing the DVD access copies.
Film 72: NWBA Championship Game, 1973
Footage from the championship game (final 10 minutes 35 seconds) of the 25th National Wheelchair Basketball Tournament held in Huff Gym in Champaign, Il in 1973. The Indianapolis Mustangs bested the Long Beach Flying Wheels 52-50. Tom Jones provides play-by-play commentary and interviews Tim Nugent, retiring NWBA Commissioner; Bill Johnson, Long Beach coach; and Mustangs players Curtis Bell and Bill Foust. Color, sound. 43:24 running time. See film 71 for first half of game and film 70 and 73 for a copy of this footage.
Film 85: Wheelchair basketball
Male athletes operating hand-pushed wheelchairs play basketball. Illinois is playing in second game in footage. Note the modern key on the basketball court. Black and white, no sound. Very grainy, poor quality film. 4:29 running time.

Gizz Kids

Film 78, 1969
Part I of DSO Gizz Kids Hawaii Tour (incomplete). Also includes home movie footage of their flight to and from Seattle and their sightseeing in Honolulu and at a sea life park. Students depicted include Kim Pollock, Tom Brown, and Rich Feltes in departure scene and Stan Labanowich in other footage. Color, no sound. 30:23 running length. Compare with film 80. Note that a rear entry portable ramp was used to enable wheelchair athletes access to bus transportation.
Film 79, 1969
Part II of DSO Gizz Kids Tour of Hawaii, including sightseeing footage from the sea life park, the beach, and an intrasquad exhibition basketball game. Color, no sound. 22:34 running length. Compare with film 81.
Film 82, 1969
DSO Gizz Kids Hawaii Tour, including visit to Whalers Cove. Color, no sound. 3:43 running length.

Miscellaneous Videos

Film 17: UIUC Commencement Exercises, 1959
UI Pres. D. D. Henry addressing crowd at Memorial Stadium; grads filing into stadium including wheelchair users; candidates receive diplomas (wheelchair-using recipients interspersed). Color, no sound. 7:06 running time.
Film 83: Wheelchair and Bus Modifications
Footage of a Veterans Administration Hospital bus from Bronx, NY that had been modified with a lift gate so that individuals in wheelchairs could easily and comfortably ascend and descend. Also includes footage from DRES wheelchair repair room 78 where an individual tests out different kinds of wheelchair modifications (e.g., hand controls). Color, no sound. 3:31 running length.
Film 86: General scenes of UI campus life for students with disabilities, 1949
General scenes of UI campus life for students with disabilities, including students in wheelchairs navigating campus, wheelchair skill demonstrations, and students participating in square dancing, swimming, bowling, basketball, and football. Also includes footage from a Illinois Union Coffeehouse display of leg and foot braces and an exhibit from the Illinois Association for the Crippled, Inc., whose goal was to promote opportunities for children and adults with disabilities. Students depicted in film include Jack Chase dissecting a frog, Harold Sharper bowling, and Jack Chase playing basketball. Black and white, no sound. 43:29 running length.