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American Archives Month 2017

Photograph of ALA Archives Stacks in 2015.

A view of ALA Archives stacks, taken by ALA Archives staff in October 2015.

American Archives Month is upon us again, which mean it’s time to celebrate all things archives! At the American Library Association Archives, we’re celebrating by doing what we do best, working with archival collections! We’re busy processing new accessions that have come into the archives, such as the ALA Executive Director’s papers and materials on Banned Books Week. We’re also in the middle of a project to digitize large portions of the GLBT Round Table archives. And we’re always in the process of answering your questions that have come in via email, phone, and in person.

Join in on American Archives Month by asking a reference question at a local archives or archival repository, browse the National Archives website, follow an archives on social media (we have all the best photos!), or join us for #AskAnArchivist Day on Twitter! Read More »

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35 Years of Banned Books Week

From Books Challenged or Banned 2014-2015

This year marks the 35th year of Banned Books Week! The week was inspired by the success of the Banned Books Exhibit at the 1982 American Booksellers Association (ABA) convention, which prompted the ABA to work with the American Library Association and the National Association of College Stores for the first Banned Books Week in August of 1982. More information on the founding of Banned Book Week can be found in this previous blog post.

The American Library Association and other Banned Books Week sponsors have continued to provide a number of resources to educate people on books that continue to be banned and challenged in schools and libraries. The American Library Association provides press kits, free image downloads for social media, Q&As, banned and challenged book listings, events, and evening a form for people to use to report challenges. Read More »

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Publications: REFORMA Newsletter

Since 1974, the REFORMA Newsletter has provided information resources for librarians working with Spanish-speaking library communities and libraries. Of course, older issues are still information rich for current and future readers.

Read on to learn more about the early art and history of REFORMA Newsletter!

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Publications: A.L.A. Headquarters Staff Association Files and Headquarters Publications

When some researchers want to know about life at the A.L.A. Headquarters, then I recommend reading the Headquarters Staff Association Files (Record Series 2/4/80) and Headquarters Newsletters, (Record Series 2/4/10). In particular, like other previously highlighted publications,  there is much creative expression and good will to be found at the A.L.A. and in the archives.

Read on to learn more about the art and history of A.L.A. Headquarters Staff publications!

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Publications: News Notes and Footnotes Newsletters, 1966-2015

Since 1971, or 1966 if you include the predecessor publication News Notes (1966-1971), the New Members Round Table has published Footnotes as an information resource for new professionals. During the last fifty years, many ALA members have contributed great amounts of energy and creativity to support new ALA members. Most editors served for two volumes, resulting in a rich tradition of continuous but ever-changing layout and content for all readers to enjoy.

Read on to learn more about the art and history of Footnotes!

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Increasing Morale: Hospital Library Service in WWI

World War I spread tragedy and despair across the world, but the American Library Association worked to brighten the spirits of wounded soldiers. In 1917, the American Library Association provided library services to wounded soldiers and delivered books, newspapers, and magazines to more than 200 army and navy hospitals.  The ALA was able to send trained librarians to 75 military hospitals to aid in the outreach.

Found in Record Series 89/1/13

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The A.L.A. and Armed Services Librarianship

After the success of supporting library service for soldiers during World War One and Two, A.L.A. members have been a part of the expansion of public library services including armed services librarianship across the country and overseas.

Read on to learn more about armed services librarianship!

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Publications: Chinese-American and Asian Pacific American Librarian Publications

Since the 1970s, Membership Directories and Newsletters of the Chinese-American Librarians Association (CALA) and Asian Pacific American Librarians Association (APALA) have provided information resources for Asian American and Pacific American professionals working in libraries. Here at the A.L.A. Archives, we want to tell you all about our holdings which are information rich for current and future readers.

Read on to learn more about the art and history of CALA and APALA publications!

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Research Strategies: Finding Asian American and Pacific Heritage Materials at the ALA Archives

May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month and we at the ALA Archives want to help you optimize your research into Asian Pacific American history. In this month’s blog post, we’ll take a tour through ALA Archives holdings and we’ll try multiple strategies for finding information. Read on to learn more!
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Nathaniel L. Goodrich Scrapbooks, 1881-1902

We have recently processed the materials of a particularly interesting record series, The Nathaniel L. Goodrich Scrapbooks, 1881-1902 (97/1/77). Born in 1880, Nathaniel L. Goodrich was the Librarian at Dartmouth University for 38 years—from 1912 until he retired in 1950—and was granted full professorship in 1943. He passed away on April 30, 1957, exactly 60 years ago. The record series includes four scrapbooks dating back to the early twentieth century, which had been discarded from the Dartmouth College Library in Hanover, New Hampshire. In the scrapbooks, Goodrich had collected and arranged an assortment of materials relating to library buildings.

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