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American Library Association Posters Collection

This collection contains digitized posters, rotogravures, and original artwork used by the American Library Association during World War I, World War II, and for librarianship recruitment, library promotion, and literacy promotion during the 1920s through the 2000s.


digcoll_alairAmerican Library Association Institutional Repository

The American Library Association Institutional Repository (ALAIR) is an open access repository, committed to collecting, permanently storing, and providing digital access to the publications and intellectual work of the American Library Association. It is organized into communities reflecting the Divisions, Offices, Committees, and Round Tables that make up ALA.


ALA WebsiteAmerican Library Association Website Web Archiving Project

Discover the ALA’s digital past through its web archives, containing archived copies of the ALA’s website by Archive-It, including captures from its divisions, committees, offices, and round tables.



F. W. Faxon Photographs Collection

This collection contains mainly group pictures of librarians attending the ALA conferences in the United States and Canada,   covering the period of 1894-1932, with the exception of 1896.


Library Building Photographs Collection

This collection contains pictures of library buildings in photographic papers and postcards. Some of the pictures are in the form of paintings and other artistic media.


Sjoerd Koopman Library Postcard Collection

This collection contains digital copies of approximately 1,000 cards depicting public, private, and academic libraries, as well as library interiors and bookmobiles.


Published Proceedings, General Session, and Membership Meeting Transcripts

This collection contains published proceedings of annual conferences as well as transcripts of the general sessions from 1881-83, 1885-87, and 1889-1922.


Librarian and soldier unloading books from a cart, from RS 89/1/13 Library War Service Photographs and Slides 1917-20. Identifier is ALA0000232. WWI Library War Service Photographs and Slides

This collection holds photographs, lantern slides, and postcards depicting the work of the ALA during WWI. Photographic subjects include volunteer librarians and library service working overseas in military camps and camp libraries, military hospital libraries, soldiers and nurses reading in ALA libraries, as well as photographs of book drives and book sorting.


In addition to these digital collections, a growing number of collections are now available online by request.   Please contact the ALA Archives at (217) 333-7841 or if you would like access to these materials.

The ALA Archives makes digital versions of collections accessible for educational and research purposes only. Please read our policies for more information.

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