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Click through the titles for more information on each collection, including finer detail of collection contents.  For information on how to access the collections or obtain copies of materials, please contact us.

  • Jack W. Davis Papers, 1918-1982, 2006
    Includes photographs, production art, flyers, posters, and an elaborate personal journal documenting the careers of Jack W. Davis as a musician and graphic artist in Champaign, Illinois. Includes graphic designs produced for local talent agencies Blytham Limited, Irving Azoff and Associates, and Harry Washburn Management.
  • Hammerhead Records Business Records, 1992-2000
    Consists of contracts, photographs, promotional materials, test pressings, correspondence, audio recordings, news clippings, reviews, press kits, and posters documenting the activities of the Hammerhead Records record label, based in Champaign, IL from 1992-2000.  Local recording artists managed by Hammerhead Records include Absinthe Blind, Third Stone, and the Funky Butt Drum Club.
  •  Gregory Heath Papers, 1971-2007
    Consists of photographs, news clippings, contracts, audio and video recordings, address books, and posters documenting Gregory “Flea” Heath’s career as a concert promoter at Merlin’s in Carbondale, IL in the 1970s, and as owner of Celebrations, a Central Illinois music booking agency during the 1980s and 1990s.
  • David M. Nolan Photographs and Personal Papers, 1978-2014
    Consists of photographic prints, negatives, and press clippings documenting the work of photographer David M. Nolan of Danville, Illinois. Photographic subjects include blues performances in Champaign, IL by artists such as the Mighty Blue Kings, Keith and Kathy Harden, Lonnie Brooks, and the Blind Boys of Alabama.
  • William Percival Sound Recordings, 1974-1982
    Includes commercial sound recordings by artists from the Urbana-Champaign music community, including Kid Tater, Appaloosa, Big Daddy Sun and the Outer Planets, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Duke Tomatoe and the All-Star Frogs, Dan Fogelberg, and Fool’s Gold.
  • Della Perrone Photographs, 1945-2011
    Includes photographs, negatives, and film slides documenting Della Perrone’s candid and studio photography with several Champaign-Urbana musicians in the 1980s, such as Adrian Belew, The Bears, The Rave, The Martyrs, Steps, Nick Rudd and Turning Curious, Nix 86, and The Elvis Brothers, as well as national acts including The Ramones, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, and U2.
  • Pogo Studio Audio Recordings and Business Records, 1977, 1987-2007
    Includes audio recordings and business records documenting sound recordings made at Pogo Studio of Champaign, IL.  Pogo Studio’s regional and national clientele was extensive, including artists such as Hum, Starcastle, the Vertebrats, the Poster Children, Pauli Carman, Amasong, and ensembles from the University of Illinois, Parkland College, Champaign Central High School, and Urbana High School.
  • Poster Children and Salaryman Bands Records, 1986-2009
    Consists of business records, photographs, news clippings and magazine articles, press kits, correspondence, audiovisual recordings, posters, original art work, tour reports and travel logs, t-shirts, and memorabilia documenting the performances, operation, management, and sound recording production of the Midwest indie rock bands Poster Children and Salaryman, and the 12 Inch Records label.
  • Record Service Business Records, 1971-2010
    Consists of financial reports and journals, promotional materials, advertisements, photographs, news clippings, and other records documenting the general operation of the Record Service independent record store that was based in Champaign, IL from 1969 to 2003.
  • Sasha Rubel and Pogo Studio Photographs and Papers, 1968-2005
    Consists of audio recordings, photographs, newsclippings, business records, broadsides, correspondence, and memorabilia documenting Urbana-Champaign’s local music scene, including Pogo Studio.
  • Tuesday Morning Musical Club Records, 1898-2014
    Consists of secretary books, photographs, scrapbooks, news clippings, programs, histories, program books, yearbooks, and financial records documenting the continuous operation of the Tuesday Morning Musical Club.
  • Jack Van Camp Photographs, 1994-2001
    Consists of black and white photographs taken by Jack Van Camp of blues and gospel musicians performing at music venues in Champaign, IL.  Photographed performers include the Blind Boys of Alabama, Lonnie Brooks, Robert Lockwood Junior, and the Mighty Blues Kings.

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