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Joanne Kaczmarek, Archivist for Electronic Records, Project Director
Ellen Swain, Archivist for Student Life and Culture, Project Director
Angela Jordan, Project Assistant

  • QIAN Fng

    To the University Archive,

    I am a visiting scholar from China currently working at Upenn. I am doing a research on the influence of American architectural education on China. I would like to know the architectural curriculum of your university from 1922 to 1925. Could you please provide me this information? My email address is

    If there is any problem please feel free to let me know.

    Thank you.

    QIAN Feng

    QIAN Feng, PH.D,

    Associate Prof. in History and Theory of Architecture

    College of Architecture and Urban Planning

    Tongji University, Shanghai, China

    • Angela Jordan

      Hello, QIAN Feng. I have forwarded your request to the appropriate reference archives specialists. You should hear from them within the next week.

      • QIAN Fng

        Thank you, Angela!

  • Jason Pankoke

    Good afternoon – I just wanted to find out if the University Archives will have weekend hours during fall semester 2013. Thanks!

    • Chris Prom

      Thanks for the question. We do not plan to be open during the weekends during the fall. If there is anything we can help you with specifically, please email as at the address listed as contact information below.

  • Bryan Nicholson

    Hi! I am looking for information on faculty productivity at UIUC during academic year 2011-2012, including the following:

    Books Published
    Articles accepted in peer-reviewed journals
    Federal grants awarded
    Major Awards
    Major Achievements (e.g. Klaus Schulten’s team’s mapping of the HIV capsid)
    Number of dissertations successfully defended

    This information is for a publicity piece and I would hope to have the information by August 28. Thanks for your attention to this matter.


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