Overview of Student Organization Collections

The Korean American Student Association protest the United States policy towards the Soviet Union, circa 1983

Thousands of organizations reflect student interests in associating with other students with common academic, ethnic, political, professional, recreational, religious and social interests. Student Organizations Publications, 1871- (41/6/840, 13), includes copies of printed documents, promotional brochures, bulletin board announcements, and related issuances from 2,548 student organizations. An alphabetical listing is available. Organization Petitions, 1895-1908 (41/2/15, .3) includes student requests for permission to organize, hold social events and use university facilities. Student Organization Constitutions and Registration Cards, 1909-81 (41/2/41, 11.3), show date, name, address and purpose of 989 organizations.

The Student Organizations Financial File, 1915-41 (6/1/32, 1.6), includes financial reports, accounting records, audit work papers, budgets, and correspondence for Star Course (1917-31), University Band (1923-39), and information on student activities and groups. Student Organizations Financial Reports, 1960-77 (6/2/10, 1.0), consist of balance sheets and monthly statements of account (1960-77) showing assets, liabilities and credits, expenditures and year-end balances. Student Organizations Fund Board Publications, 1954-71 (41/62/810, .1), list student organizations and summarize their activities. The series includes a 1954 manual for treasurers of student organizations on their responsibilities, a financial record book for an organization's accounting, a student organizations fund receipt book, and an instruction sheet for issuing vouchers. SORF Fund Requests & Ledgers, 1978-83 (41/2/42, 7) record applications from student groups for Student Organization Resource Fee funding.