Life Updates and Journalism 1968-69

Roud Run-in

Roger updates Curley on his prospective induction into the Army, provides important critical comments on the New York Film Festival, and gives his opinion of famed critic Richard Roud. He also discusses a Bulgarian film he previewed for the Chicago Film Festival.

Letter to Dan Curley from Roger Ebert on November 11, 1968
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Fevered Ramblings

Sick with a 101-degree fever, Roger comments on the folly of marrying too young, expresses admiration for Curley’s poetry, and muses about the impending demise of literacy. While still expecting induction into the military, Roger makes a must-read comment that is quite ironic given his subsequent success—see page two on the PDF file.

Letter to Dan Curley from Roger Ebert on December 15, 1968
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Rejected by the Army

Roger celebrates his rejection by the draft board and his return to work at the Chicago Sun-Times. In addition to mentioning an interview he did of Paul Newman for Esquire, Roger floats the idea of a collaboration on a film with Russ Meyer and proposes an expedition with Curley to Venice.

Letter to Dan Curley from Roger Ebert on January 30, 1969
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