Their “London Years” 1985-89

Curley’s Walk

After Dan Curley introduced him to the Hampstead Heath in early 1966, Roger became addicted to walking all over London.  The Heath, however, remained his favorite ramble, and he dubbed it “Curley’s Walk.”  Nearly 20 years later, Roger and Dan obtained a publishing contract for a book detailing the walk, illustrating it with photographs and multiple literary selections

Letter to Dan and Mrs. Curley from Roger Ebert on June 18, 1985

Parliament Hill

Curley has become “obsessed” with research into Parliament Hill.

Letter to Roger Ebert on August 22, 1985
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Perfect London Walk

Undated transmittal of the nearly complete manuscript of The Perfect London Walk. The manuscript can be found in the University Archives, Daniel Curly Papers.

Note to Dan Curley from Roger Ebert, 1985
Photo Credit: Jack Lane

Keats House

One of the early stops along “Curley’s Walk” and a favorite stop for both Dan and Roger.

Postcard to Dan Curley from Roger Ebert on January 13, 1986


Remarkable Man

Only a few short years after their collaboration, Dan died in Tallahassee, Florida, the victim of an automobile accident.

At the memorial service, Roger said of Dan, “He helped me as much as a person as he did as a teacher. He was a really remarkable man.”

Six months later, Roger wrote to Dan’s daughter Sean with this account (and photos) of Roger spreading of Dan’s ashes on Parliament Hill, assuring her that “Dan continues to show the way.”

Letter to Sean Curley from Roger Ebert on June 14, 1989
Complete Document (PDF)
  • Roger spreading Dan's ashes on Parliament Hill