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The Archives offers a variety of duplication services to its researchers. These range from photocopies of documents to photographic prints to copies of audio and film holdings.

Before requesting and using duplicates of textual archival and manuscript materials, please read, sign and submit our Agreement on Duplicating Textual Archival and Manuscript Materials.

Before requesting and using duplicates of audio, photographic, musical, motion picture, & audiovisual works, please read, sign and submit our Agreement to Conditions for Use of Audio, Photographic, Musical, Motion Picture & Audiovisual Works.


Archives Duplication Services - illiarch@illinois.edu - (217) 333-0798
Reproduction & Research Services Fee Schedule
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Equipment/FormatLabor (per half hour or fraction)Image Fee (per image after first)
Single Image (Flatbed Scanner - 600 dpi)$20$2 per image
Database Images (600 dpi watermarked TIFF files)5 images or fewer:
No Charge
Additional images: $2
U.S. domestic mail delivery via DVD or CD$10 per disc
Low-resolution digital imaging/copying (e.g. pdf copies): Photocopy-quality often not suitable for OCR production$10 (first 20 pages)$0.40 / add'l page
Electronic deliveryFree
Rush50% surcharge on entire order
Custom OrdersPriced Upon Request
RESEARCH FEES - When available, graduate students may be hired at a cost of $30 per hour to conduct detailed research. Estimates will be provided upon request. Payment for any photocopies or reproduction services made during research are in addition to the hourly fee assessed. If hourly employees are not available, an $80 per hour cost will be used to address costs for professional-level staff assistance.$30 per hour


University Library wide Reproduction and Research Services Fee Schedule