Systems and Software

Mapping network drives in Windows

  1. Choose “Computer” from the Start Menu
  2. In the next window, choose “Map network drive” from the toolbar towards the top.
  3. In the Map Network Drive window, choose the letter you would like to assign to the drive (or accept the default), and the network folder you are connecting to. If you are using a PC, it is important to use backslashes (as above). Use forward slashes (/) in the folder path if you are using a Mac. The folder path should always start with a double backslash, or forward-slash. Some folder paths commonly used in the Archives:
    • \\libsys5\groupfiles (G: drive; shared drive where we keep files on policies, procedures, and workflow documentation)
    • \\\archon-data (W: drive; these files are accessible from the Internet. PDF copies of finding aids go in \\\archon-data\uasfa)
    • \\\UniversityArchives (Z: drive; electronic records repository)
    • \\\UA (storage server; this is where all content is being staged for processing and ingest into the Medusa digital repository,


  4. Check the box for “Reconnect at logon” if you don’t want to do all this again every day.
  5. You may be prompted for your username and password. These will be the same ones you use to log on to the workstations.
  6. Note: if the domain name indicated below the Password field is not “UIUC”, you should add “UIUC\” to the front of your username, i.e. “UIUC\username”. When you do so, you will see the domain name change.
  7. Check the box for “Remember my credentials”. Click “OK”.

The next window should be the network folder you chose. If you have problems beyond domain names and backslashes, please consult Chris Prom or Bill Maher.