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Fee Based Services

Photographic Reproduction

To obtain photographic copies of images, researchers may request that University Archives scan the item, provided that the copyright issues have been resolved. The exact cost depends on the resolution, format, and purpose of the use.  All materials provided under this policy are also subject to our Services and Reproduction Policies and completion of our agreement/conditions of use form. Permission fees for uses subsequent to that related to the initial copying order may be charged as per the University Library’s Guidelines and Fees For the Reproduction & Use Of Library Materials. All images provided for orders of materials for web presentation, broadcast, or filming/videotaping will be delivered with an in-image credit line and file reference number.

Note: the University Archives cannot provide photographic quality prints.

Study copies to be used for selection for potential publication will be watermarked. An unwatermarked copy will be supplied later for the difference between the watermarked and unwatermarked price at the resolution selected.

Photocopy Service

Photocopy orders of specifically identified items are filled on a staff-available basis. During normal operations, up to 300 pages can be photocopied in one week for all users combined. When you submit an order, an estimate of time required for fulfillment will be provided. Prices below include copying, labor and shipping via first class mail. Items may be sent via Federal Express if you supply an account number or credit card to which the charges may be submitted.

  • Small Orders (e.g., less than 100 pp. or one inch in thickness.) the Archives will complete an exact page count.):
  • Domestic orders: 35 cents per page; $5 minimum order (letter size)
  • International Orders surcharge: 10 cents per page; $15 minimum order (letter size)
  • Larger-than-letter-size surcharge:10 cents per page.
  • Brittle materials surcharge: 10 cents per page
  • Oversize maps and drawings: request a quotation

Larger Orders

$105 per inch of materials to be photocopied; a written estimate will be provided in advance plus the same per page surcharges noted above for international orders, larger-than-letter-size, and brittle materials. (Note that if payment is to be made by credit card, the card will not be charged until the copying is completed, and thus your final charge will be based on the actual count of copies made.)

Audio/Audiovisual Reproduction

  • Taping fee: $25, per original disk or tape (includes cost of media and postage.)
  • Digital conversion of analog audio: request a quotation.
  • Videotape conversion of 16 mm or 8 mm film or conversion of videotape formats other than VHS, U-Matic, Betamax I, II, or III: request a quotation.
  • Digital conversion of analog videotape or 16 mm or 8 mm film: request quotation.

Research Services

When available, graduate assistants may be hired at a cost of $25 per hour to conduct detailed research. Estimates will be provided upon request. Payment must be made in advance, and any overpayment cannot be refunded. Payment for any photocopies made during research is in addition to the hourly fee. If graduate assistants are not available a fee of $80 per hour as per the University Library’s Guidelines and Fees For the Reproduction & Use Of Library Materials will be charged. In either instance, work is completed on a staff available basis.