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User Regulations – Addenda

Addenda for User Regulations

COVID-19 Regulations for On-site User Visits

In-person use of the University Archives is possible only by confirmed advance appointment.

A request for a visit must include a list of the materials that the researcher wishes to examine so that University Archives staff can verify the availability of the requested materials as well as whether either technological intervention or administrative approvals are needed for the materials can be accessed.

Once availability and accessibility have been confirmed, the staff will identify days and times that are available to schedule the appointment. No more than one research appointment will be made for the same time and such that there can be at least 15 minutes interval from one appointment to the next.

A research visit is limited to the lead researcher and no more than one research assistant.

Research visits will be scheduled in set time blocks of one and one-half to two hours with a minimum of a 15-minute gap from one appointment to the next. If there are no other requests for a research visit on the user’s requested day, that visit may be extended to more than one-time block.

Requests for a research appointment by local users must be requested at least 3 days in advance. Out of town visitors should make their request at least 10 days in advance.

Any user who must travel to visit the University Archives should not book any transportation or other travel costs until receiving a confirmation of the research appointment from the University Archives staff.

During the University’s response to the pandemic, all campus buildings are locked. Access to the building in which an Archives reading room is located will only be possible by an Archives staff member going to the building entrance to which the researcher has been directed in advance, meeting the researcher, confirming identity, confirming adherence to campus standards relating to masks, social distancing, and any further requirements the campus may specify for building access.

Archives staff will escort the visitor to the Archives reading room at the outset of the visit. At the end of the visit, Archives staff will escort the researcher to same door at which the visitor had been admitted.

During the course of the researcher’s visit, the individual is only allowed within the Archives space except for use of the storage lockers or restrooms immediately adjacent to the Archives or, when necessary, to the next nearest restrooms.


Additional Considerations Relating to Persons Not Affiliated with the University of Illinois

Persons who are not affiliated with the University of Illinois may request a research visit by emailing illiarch[at]illinois.edu or through contacting a member of the University Archives staff. Requests by non-affiliated researchers will be considered after the following information has been provided to the University Archives staff:

  1. Requests for a research appointment by local users must be requested at least 3 days in advance
  2. Out of town visitors should make their request before making travel arrangements and at least 10 days in advance
  3. Archives staff will determine if requested days and material are available
  4. Only appointments confirmed and approved in writing will be honored at this time
  5. Approved visitors agree to:
    • Follow all University of Illinois face covering and social distancing guidelines and policies while within University buildings
    • Be escorted by Archives staff while in the building and visit only the Archives Reading Room and associated areas (lockers and restrooms)
    • Abide by requirements as stated in the Archives User Regulations and the COVID – 19 Addenda for User Regulations
  6. Address and other contact information for approved visitors will be maintained for contact tracing for 30 days post-visit

created September 2020 William J. Maher, University Archivist