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Women in Science and Technology: A Guide to Archival Holdings

Mary Louisa Page, the first woman to graduate from the College of Engineering (1879)

In 1870, women were admitted entrance to the University, three years after the Illinois Industrial University was chartered.  As noted in the Guide to Women’s History Sources, archival information on women faculty, staff, and students at the University may seem to be “hidden” in a record series that at first glance would not seem relevant. Information on the involvement of women in the scientific enterprise is must likewise be culled from records, requiring the weaving together of many layers of information from different sources in order to reveal a more comprehensive picture of women in the sciences and engineering at the University.

This guide provides a list of records series that serve as starting point for research on women in the colleges of Engineering, Liberal Arts and Sciences, and Agricultural, Consumer, and Environmental Sciences.

Administrative Records:
College and Departmental Archives:
Faculty Papers:

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

College of Engineering

College of Agricultural, Consumer, and Environmental Sciences

 Alumni Papers/Student Organization Records:
Publications and Reference Files:
Social Media Archives:
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