Carl Sandburg Audio

WILL-TV will be broadcasting The Day Carl Sandburg Died tonight at 9 pm, as part of the American Masters Series.  In support of the program, WILL just posted digital versions of five audio/video programs that include Sandburg, including a 1952 speech he gave at the University.

With funding from Library Preservation, these audio files were produced from 16-inch acetate transcription disks preserved by in the University Archives.  The disks themselves were cut live during WILL broadcasts in the 1940s, 50s, and 60s.

You can listen to them at

As the audio conversion project continues, we will be posting additional audio files.  In the meantime, you can  browse and search some of our holdings at

Hat tip to Sean Powers, who converted the files from the preservation masters to mp3 format, and who put them on the WILL site.

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